Cosmetic Acupuncture

It is not unusual for a face that was beautiful and youthful at one time to start degenerating over time.  This results from pollution, stress as well as a variety of toxins that have an adverse effect on the body.  These factors lead to dark spots, sagging skin, and the appearance of wrinkles as well as other ageing effects.   Even though again is unavoidable it becomes more problematic when it occurs at a very early age.   The traditional medical system has attempted to address this issue by developing thousands of techniques to reduce the signs of aging.  In spite of this, people tend to gravitate towards natural therapy to improve the appearance of their face to avoid the potential side effects

An increasing number of women in Toronto are discovering the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture for enhancing their faces and even their breasts!

That’s correct – acupuncture treatments can be utilized to enhance your breast shape as well as its size!

The internet has made people more aware of the various benefits of cosmetic acupuncture.  As a result, it has gained popularity with women of all ages who are attempting to maintain their natural beauty via new approaches.  This holistic approach is most appealing to women striving to reduce the signs of aging and improve their natural features while avoiding harsh chemicals or invasive surgical procedures.

Thankfully, cosmetic acupuncture is a completely natural treatment that doesn’t use harmful medicines to produce results.  Also know as facial rejuvenation, or acupuncture facelift, it works by inserting sterile acupuncture needles in specific points on the body.  These points lie along the energy pathways throughout the body known as meridians.  The goal of cosmetic acupuncture is to insert the acupuncture needles into these meridians which carry blood and energy to the facial tissues and bones.

The fact that cosmetic acupuncture has proven its effective by producing positive results for its patients makes it more appealing.  The insertion of acupuncture needles into the facial muscles causes the disrupted path of energy to clear which in turn improves the flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen throughout the body via the widening of blood vessels (vasodilation).   The acupuncture treatments are not painful but you’ll experience a tingling sensation when the needles are inserted.  Some of the other benefits of cosmetic acupuncture include improved muscle tone, a tightening of loose skin, a reduction in wrinkles and an improvement to the complexion of the skin.  If the acupuncture needle insertion is superficial, it results in an increase in collagen fiber production which improves the skin’s elasticity.  Not only does this elasticity make a person look younger, but it also causes them to look healthier.  It also helps to reduce facial muscle pain by increasing the movement of tensed and/or stiff muscles.  Some of the other benefits of cosmetic acupuncture include the elimination of dark spots, pimples and acne, a reduction in the adverse effects of sun damage, increased dermal contraction, and the alleviation of stress etc…In sum, cosmetic acupuncture is a natural pain free technique to improve your overall health while creating a more youthful and vital appearance to the face as well as the body.

Cosmetic acupuncture is amongst several other techniques that are accepted by the safety norms and it’s been widely used over the past 10-20 years.  These other techniques can be used to produce the same result as the cosmetic acupuncture.  But the main drawback is the fact that they have some side effects.   For example, a surgical facelift is an extremely expensive procedure that has medical complications those results in an increased risk of infection and/or scarring to the skin.  Botox is another procedure where toxins are injected in an attempt to prevent muscle contraction.  The main benefit of this technique is the fact that it reduces wrinkles.  However, it also causes your face to have dull, paralyzed appearance.  Cosmetic acupuncture, on the other hand, removes wrinkles by flattening the muscles without while avoiding the adverse effects that are associated with these other techniques.

Is Cosmetic Acupuncture Only For Women?

Even some top actors and business men are looking for various methods like cosmetic acupuncture than can help them to present a more youthful or vital appearance for public presentations, photographs, personal engagements and/or dating profiles.

How much does cosmetic acupuncture cost?

The cost for cosmetic acupuncture in Toronto can vary from practitioner to practitioner.  However, the cost per session can range from $90 to $150.  These costs are minimal compared to the $5000 you would have to pay for a facelift.

It is also important to mention that cosmetic acupuncture stimulates the reactive areas (nerve communication centers) on the face which is an added benefit.  This is similar to the way the body’s healing processes are stimulated via body acupuncture.

Now that facial acupuncture has been discussed it’s time to talk breasts!

Cosmetic Acupuncture Toronto Breast Enhancement

Breast enlargement, also more accurately known as breast enhancement, has become a huge topic of conversation in recent discussions regarding new cosmetic approaches.   This is mainly due to the fact that breast enhancement acupuncture is hugely popular amongst many Taiwanese actresses and models.  For instance, some women opt to use cosmetic acupuncture to attain a quick breast boost approximately two days before attending important events such as parties, weddings and/or public appearances.   Acupuncture tends to have a quick effect, a lower potential for side effects, and you can get that “perk look” in a less costly manner than going to get implants or breast surgery.

Does cosmetic acupuncture for breast enhancements give the same effects as implants?

There are some claims that acupuncture cannot result in a dramatic increase in bust size.  However, it improves the appearance by increasing the fullness, perkiness and firmness of the breasts.  Acupuncture for breast enhancement tens to work in the same manner as facial acupuncture.  The local acupuncture points that are around the breasts are stimulated to send a rich blood supply to the breasts.

What should I expect from cosmetic breast enhancement treatment?

Initially a routine physical assessment and interview will be conducted to determine if you are a good candidate for the cosmetic acupuncture for breast enhancement procedure.

Patients are required to lie on the treatment table as you would for a regular acupuncture treatment.  Then a soft cloth will be used to drape the breast and the acupuncturist will select the appropriate acupuncture points surrounding the breast tissue.  Finally, the acupuncture treatment will be applied for approximately 30-45 minutes.

Twelve treatments once per week is they typical recommendation, in combination with nutritional support.  Each person’s physiology can vary greatly.  As a result, more or less treatments may be required to achieve the ideal results.  It basically depends on the type of look that the patient is striving to achieve.